We are ideas people ourselves, and know precisely what it means to have a great idea, and the dilemma that comes about sharing it. You’re keen to take an idea forward, but are afraid someone might plagiarize your idea, or cut you out of the loop.

We understand this, and have spent two decades thinking about this problem. After all these years we believe we’ve found the solution. The Da Vinci Project is the culmination of that work.

There are two types of ideas that can be shared on DVP – ‘free’ ideas and ‘protected’ ideas. Free Ideas are ‘free to humanity’ and are not protected. These are for the benefit of everyone –  and the only thing we provide is public attribution and recognition for you as the author of the idea, assuming you want this… (anonymous is also an option).

We aim to secure your ‘protected’ ideas in multiple ways, while at the same time enabling you to get valuable feedback on your idea. This is something we’ve spent a really long time thinking about it. The basic idea is to offer a smart way that you can build momentum in the safest possible way, in the early stages, until you are ready to ‘blow up on Kickstarter’, or in the hearts and minds of potential investors.

We also provide verifiable proof of when you first had the idea, as a lifetime free service. This may have benefits for prior patent filing dates, legal reasons or other reasons, depending on where you live.

We protect your ideas in the early stages as follows:-

  • ‘Security through obscurity’ – ideas are shared with only 100 private people, out of many thousands on the platform, and billions worldwide
  • Voters are members of the public who have agreed not to disclose any of the (many) ideas they see and read on the platform
  • Voters sign a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and must agree to our community guidelines and principles
  • We will enforce a zero tolerance policy against members of our community who violate our community guidelines and principles
  • You can specify geographies to include or exclude where your idea is voted upon. This means you can test your idea in a non-local market if you prefer. You can create similar filters for occupation, industry, age, and so on
  • Ideas are sent via enterprise grade, end-to-end encryption, to & from our application and servers, to the people voting on your idea
  • You will get some rights to your idea simply by recording your idea in our system. Our system will offer verifiable, 3rd party proof of the ‘time of invention’, which may be helpful in resolving legal disputes
  • In the US, you can share your idea publicly via our platform, without giving away rights, under our ‘protected – disclosure OK’ category, and establish as of the sharing date an invention date with the US patent office, which we will provide free 3rd party verifiable proof for. In this case you must file a patent application within 1 year, and you cannot subsequently file patent applications in other countries. If you think other people might be having the same idea as you, this could be a good option.
  • Ideas shared via the Da Vinci Project under our ‘protected – NO disclosure’ category will be deemed shared under a legally binding confidentiality agreement (NDA) with each voter. This will therefore not class as ‘public disclosure’ in legal terms, which can be important for protecting your intellectual property rights in many countries besides the US
  • We plan to foster a community and ideology of respecting ideas in general, and will be encouraging the community to self-police, and report possible instances of plagiarism

In general, with the Da Vinci Project you have complete control over exposure of your idea, how many people vote on it, and who and where those voters are, is it public or not? At some point you will need to go public with your idea of course, but if you start on the Da Vinci Project, you will have the ideal launchpad to take it further.

In general we feel that plagiarism is arguably less of a problem than it was in the past… There is a greater variety of opportunities now for people and entrepreneurship, than there has ever been. Most people have their own ideas they are working on and don’t need other ideas. The aspect of momentum is a factor too…  With faster time to market than ever before, if you have thousands of people backing you on Da Vinci or Kickstarter, then you typically will have enough goodwill from the community to protect your idea through sheer momentum.

We aim to shine a spotlight on people and their ideas, and promote the idea of ideas in general. We want to turn ideas into something of great value, and finally provide recognition to the people who come up with… the really great ideas.