Years ago an entrepreneur had a seemingly impossible idea… What if ideas could be evaluated the second you think of them, and depending on how good an idea it is, rewards are automatically deposited into your bank account.

The thinking was, and remains… that ideas themselves have real value, and a good idea should be readily implementable by any competent organization. The problem was… and remains… there’s a ton of really bad ideas getting made.

Some companies get it, but generally speaking really great ideas come from a single visionary or ideas person. This is broadly incompatible with the committee-run culture of most corporations. Where there are talented visionaries within companies, their work often gets compromised. Companies are brilliant at operations, so why don’t they outsource ideas to ideas people?

Through countless rewrites, and a hundred brainstorming sessions, the Da Vinci Project was thus born. We may not be able to offer the fantastic dream envisaged above at top right away… but we hope to, eventually!