There’s a ton of great stuff going on behind the scenes at DVP HQ, as we work to bring you our forthcoming ideas platform – provisionally entitled the Da Vinci Project.

We’ve secured a new domain name, which we think will be the new name of the platform and app. (It probably won’t be called the Da Vinci Project.)

We’ve had a steady stream of people signing up, who are finding us serendipitously on the web, and some really encouraging comments.  We’re extremely grateful for every single positive message, and its highly motivating to know we’ve found others who share the same feelings as us.

Over the past month we’ve implemented our chosen ‘hexagons’ design within the app itself. Here’s a picture of the app in action.



The app is working for voting, sharing and storing ideas, and we’re currently working on comments and messaging. We have designs for the other screens of the app, and these will be our next focus.

Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already. You’ll be the first to know when we launch, and we’ll notify you of any new blog posts too, starting with the next post.