Sometime in the coming days we will ‘flick a switch’ and temporarily shine a billboard on our site to the world.

It will be a first small test… and if you happen to be among our first wave of intrepid explorers, who for some reason have got this far… the blog!… well, then we welcome you very much indeed.

We’re on a serious mission, and it’s been a ridiculously long time coming. Our mission is the promotion of ideas as something of great value, and to create the ultimate platform for sharing and developing great ideas.

We’ve got a ton of really cool stuff coming very soon, so forgive our ‘under development’ WordPress look. A new look and feel is in the making, our ideas app is in full, active development, and we can’t wait to share with you what we’re working away on in the lab.

There is a ton of information in our Q&A, and not so many blog posts so far, that you could easily read all of them in one sitting.

Assuming you like what you see… the most important thing to do is Sign Up! As one of our first group of intrepid explorers, you’ll earn a very special place in our community, and a super cool and funky low membership number.

No social media accounts yet, for those wondering… We’re doing this old school… for now!