A new year and we’re off and running with development of DVP!

Our team of 8, working in 4 countries, have begun work on the DVP mobile app. We’ve decided to build a mobile app first as we think it’ll work best for browsing and voting on ideas.

We started with some mockups in the brilliant (and free) Mocqups

DVP_Mobile_Home_Screen_-_Old (28) 03_Signup_Wizard_Screen_2 (18)

DVP_Mobile_Sent_Screen (12)

DVP_Mobile_Home_B (2)

At this stage these aren’t even close to the actual designs – and are just slightly spruced up ‘wireframes’. These are good enough for the developers to begin coding the screens however.

Our first goal with development is to build an elegant login and registration system. Not the most fun part… but essential!