Are you good at evaluating Ideas?

Are you the kind of person who instantly knows a great idea when you see one, and in general appreciates new ideas?

Perhaps you’ve backed entrepreneurial projects on Kickstarter, or simply find yourself critiquing products when they don’t work as well as they should. Perhaps you’ve run your own entrepreneurial endeavors, or are looking to get involved in a new entrepreneurial project. If so, we think you’ll like what we have in store at DVP.

The Da Vinci Project is the working title for a new service, launching in 2015, that will stream ideas to you…  from inventors, entrepreneurs and ideas people, all over the world, which you vote and comment on. You earn credits for voting and commenting on ideas, and can use credits for posting your own ideas on the system. You can also contact people behind an idea if you have something to offer.

The process is rewarding because you are helping a person with a new idea. You may discover the next must-have product, or the next Steve Jobs.

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