Ideas do have Value

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had at least one great idea in your lifetime. Maybe it solves a problem you’ve come across in your own life or experience, or perhaps it was a flash of inspiration – a combination of outer worldly forces perhaps… it’s probably nibbling away at you a bit inside… What should I do about it?

The Da Vinci Project is an ideas platform, 22 years in the making, that aims to solve this universal problem faced by ideas people and inventors worldwide. It will have great uses for entrepreneurs, market researchers, product developers, artists, creatives, business owners, and indeed anyone who’s got a great idea.

We’re embarking on a plan to develop a platform & community that will transform the process of evaluating, developing and implementing new ideas. It will be the ideal starting point for a Kickstarter or investor fundraising campaign, allowing you to test out an idea – quickly and easily with members of the public, build meaningful numbers of fans to take to the next level, and find people to collaborate with on your idea.

Our Ideas Platform Process

  1. Think of an idea
  2. Write a short description (50 words max)
  3. Post your idea on our platform
  4. Your idea is sent to 100 geographically diverse people
  5. These people vote and comment on your idea. You get 100 guaranteed votes back.
  6. People who love your idea become fans
  7. You can send updates to fans
  8. You can refine the idea, send to more people… and build more fans!

You have complete control over the types of people your idea is sent to, and can choose to include or exclude specific geographies (for example). There are options on the kinds of ideas you share, and whether you want to protect them.

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